This blog was originally created as an outlet for my frustrations and difficulties in past and recent relationships—I was using music to express myself and the emotions I was experiencing.

As the blog grew, I started to get requests to post music – mostly tracks and videos that friends had heard and seen from my personal library. I realized that those around me were discovering new music and broadening their musical tastes. They were appreciating my addiction to feel-good EDM tracks!

Eventually, EDM became the focus of Talk That Talk 101. Now I’m constantly on the lookout for new music, including leaked tracks, new remixes, or even the opportunity to see my favorite artists live.

The goal of this blog is to keep EDM’ers up to date with what I see as the fun, exciting and game-changing news of the moment. Enjoy a music download, watch a new live set, and keep up to date with the events I’ll be attending (which are always guaranteed to be the best EDM experiences).

I am based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and originally from Los Angeles.

Turn Up The Love

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